Featured FlashBack-MJF in The Nuclear Heat Seat on Team LeftJab 2017

Check out this Flashback interview with MJF from 2017 where he takes a seat in The Nuclear Heat Seat and tears up the questions sent in by the fans.

Team LeftJab FlashBack

Lou Dibella 2017


Longtime promoter Lou Dibella joined Team LeftJab in 2017 to address the frenzy of questions about the NY insurance issue that was killing NY boxing at the time.

"Sick" Nick Mondo 2017


During 2017, a great friend of Team LeftJab, Matthew Burns AKA "Sick" Nick Mondo returned to answer the fan's questions in The Nuclear Heat Seat.

Prichard Colon 2015


Check out Prichard Colon's final appearance on Team LeftJab from back in 2015.

Paulie Malignaggi 2015


Back in 2015,Paulie Malignaggi joined Team LeftJab to give his take on Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

DJ Hyde 2016


Relive CZW owner DJ Hyde's first appearance on Team LeftJab.

Jimmy Lloyd 2017


Jimmy Lloyd stopped by Team LeftJab in 2017 as he was just getting the eye of hardcore wrestling fans.