Our Story

Team LeftJab

The Beginning

  Team LeftJab was created in 2012 by Sam Namo to counter the negative and bias boxing media sites.Originally a boxing blog for the first two years,it became obvious that the way to maximize the effort was to abandon the written article and move to a radio show format which happened in early 2014.The site is referred to as Team LeftJab but technically it is LeftJaballnightBoxing.com which is a nod to two division World Champion Paulie Malignaggi.Team LeftJab is based out of New York. 

Team LeftJab Boxing Radio

  Team LeftJab Boxing Radio was created in 2014 as a direct replacement for the blog articles originally featured on the site.The first guest on the show was Mauricio Herrera and from there, many of the biggest names in boxing have come on including World Champions Deontay Wilder,Mikey Garcia,Amir Khan & Paulie Malignaggi to name a few.What set the show apart from other boxing shows was the full focus was on the guest and not the host.From current world champions to up and coming prospects,Team LeftJab Boxing Radio provided a platform for them.While mainly boxing,Team LeftJab Boxing Radio also had some big names in the world of wrestling and MMA on as well.Team LeftJab Boxing Radio and the random boxing guest platform was ended in 2019 as that platform had run it's course.  

The Network

 The Team LeftJab United Radio Network was created in late 2017 to provide an umbrella for all the voices and personalities of Team LeftJab to be under.The network features some of the best minds in boxing,wrestling,sports,comedy and radio.In March,2020 The network expanded to include a second version that will consist of podcasts that features TV,Movies,Authors,writing & more.The original Network features Sports & Comedy.

Team LeftJab Uncensored!!

 ​Team LeftJab Uncensored was created in early 2019 as a direct replacement of Team LeftJab Boxing Radio.Team LeftJab Uncensored is an anything goes,unfiltered show that can feature guests from anywhere,whether it be boxing,sports,radio,comedy....anywhere!.Nothing is off the table and this is where you will see content you never thought you'd see on Team LeftJab as well as the traditional boxing and sports talk.Team LeftJab Uncensored is a more traditional based radio program with a set lineup of shows and personalities.In addition to the set shows,Team LeftJab Uncensored also features "The Team LeftJab Nuclear Heat Seat" which is an anything goes hot seat type of interview.